BSI Engineering Projects

On this page, you can find examples of previous BSI Engineering projects that demonstrate the kind of work we do, and just how effective BSI Engineering can be across a range of applications. From small plant projects to large scale capital projects, BSI has handled it all. These past project examples demonstrate that not only are we thorough, but also diverse.

The BSI Engineering Scope

At BSI Engineering, we offer full-service consulting and design engineering expertise for industrial clients. Our services cover a variety of areas – pharmaceutical, renewable fuel, food and beverage, and consumer products. Find out more about BSI Engineering.

A Wealth of Experience

Our engineers have more than 25 years experience, bringing with them backgrounds in different industries and combining their expertise to form a cohesive and versatile service ability. Through this collective experience, and a philosophy of nurturing and developing our talent, we bring our passion to your organization. Find out more about the history of BSI.

Case Studies and Key Projects

At the side of the page, you can see an extensive list of our key projects that act as examples of our work. Some of these include:

Cooling Water Study

This project took place in Nevada and California. BSI was tasked by the General Services Administration to evaluate alternative water treatment systems to ensure they were performing as promised.

Pesticide Manufacturing Facility

In a more hands-on example, this project in Illinois required BSI to convert an existing warehouse into a combustible and toxic process area for both herbicides and pesticides.

P&ID Walkdowns

BSI has become the preferred engineering firm when it comes to process and instrumentation diagrams. One of our most recent P&ID walkdowns in Illinois required over 1,000 P&ID Walkdowns for a chemical manufacturer.

Aircraft Testing Facility

Aircraft testing is incredibly specific, and BSI was trusted with renovating an existing building in Ohio for just that. This meant being closely aligned with experts in this field, working effectively in an inter-disciplinary environment, understanding complex processes, and working effectively and efficiently.

Arc Flash Study

BSI is not just focused on design innovation and project management, we are also acutely aware of industrial safety. An Arc Flash study performed in Ohio demonstrated BSI’s effectiveness in assessing the risk of complex processes and the potential hazards they can create.

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