Aircraft Testing Facility

BSI Engineering completes projects for clients across many different types of industrial manufacturing industries. For this project, the client was a company that worked with various aspects of aircraft testing. The specific project that was completed by BSI Engineering focused on a renovation of an existing building used for testing the combustion capabilities of jet aircraft engines. The facility that was then being used was lacking a number of the necessary systems and equipment to create the right environment for jet fuel combustion testing. Some of the services BSI Engineering provided to the client for this project included electrical engineering and design, mechanical engineering, instrumentation and equipment design, and process engineering and design along with layout plans for equipment, structural supports, and more.

Aircraft Testing Facility

Services Involved: Project Management, Process Engineering/Design, Equipment Layouts, Structural Supports, Equipment Design, Electrical Engineering/Design, Instrumentation Design, Mechanical Engineering, Architecture, Drafting Services for all disciplines

Industry: Manufacturing

Location: Ohio

To create the necessary facility for jet engine fuel combustion testing, the BSI Engineering team designed, created, and implemented a number of new features to the facility. Some of the new features were designed to withstand higher process and utility flows, elevated temperatures and various pressures. To accomplish this, it was necessary for the BSI Engineering team to design new equipment and piping systems to accommodate the new conditions. BSI Engineering was closely aligned to the client’s requirements and provided detailed drawings and documents to allow contractors to bid the construction with minimal field changes. Through effective communication and the utilization of the latest engineering design technologies and methods, the facility was soon able to handle the combustion testing of jet engine fuels at efficient and optimal levels.

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