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Veterans Day

We pause this day to reflect upon our country’s Veterans and to contemplate their contribution to the historic success of our Nation. All Veterans have made sacrifices of varying magnitudes. For those sacrifices, and the sacrifices of their families, we are grateful in measure that words cannot adequately convey. BSI Engineering is proud to say […]

Socati Acquires Blue Marble Biomaterials

We are excited to embark on this facility upgrades project with Socati Corp. Their proprietary process to remediate THC below lab-detectable levels while leaving CBD and other synergistic cannabinoids intact was a long needed breakthrough for the industry.    

Safety Flash – Household Chemicals

“At BSI Engineering our professionals are trained to be aware of labeling and handling requirements of hazardous chemicals they might encounter working in an industrial chemical facility. Our monthly BSI Safety Flash discussed also being aware of chemicals in our households. Hazardous chemicals also reside in our homes. We should be aware of them, who […]