General Services Administration – Cooling Water Study

BSI Engineering offers our services to both private and government organizations. We have helped several government establishments in the past. The Robert E. Coyle U.S. Courthouse in Fresno, CA and the Lloyd D. George U.S. Courthouse in Las Vegas, NV were both having issues with their water treatment systems. The performance difficulties included substantial scale build-up and possibly poor cycles of concentration.

Services Rendered

For these projects, the facilities were in need of our process audit service. The courthouses had installation contracts which included a 5-year warranty which permits the refund of installation cost in the event of a performance failure. The General Services Administration asked BSI Engineering to prepare evaluations of the two installed alternative water treatment systems in order to determine if the equipment was performing as promised. We were also asked to make recommendations to remedy any situations that arose. BSI Engineering prepared a report for each project site with all findings, which included recommendations for further action.

The Process

When we perform a process audit for a client, we make sure to give them a completely thorough report every time. Our experts will be able to observe the process to make sure everything is working as promised, and furthermore make sure that everything is performing as efficiently as it should be. With our team’s high level of expertise, we are able to find the most minute details and make suggestions to improve processes if need be. Trusting BSI Engineering with your process audit ensures that you’ll be getting the most detailed and accurate information on your process possible. Furthermore, if changes need to be made to the process, BSI Engineering can assist with that too. We offer a wide variety of consulting and engineering services, meaning we can help you implement a new project if the situation calls for it.  

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