Civil & Structural Engineering

Civil and structural consulting services from BSI Engineering are a vital element in ensuring the safety and stability of your manufacturing company’s structures and facilities. With years of experience working with manufacturing companies in the chemical, food and beverage, GMP , pharmaceutical, renewable fuel, and consumer products industries, BSI has the knowledge and skills necessary to provide excellent quality engineering consulting services to all of our clients.

Civil Engineering

Many of the companies and businesses that utilize the consulting services at BSI Engineering are more than just a singular building. As one of the premier engineering consulting groups for industrial manufacturing companies, we offer a range of services for these businesses, including civil engineering. From creating internal roadways to solving water runoff issues across the commercial property, the civil engineering consultant team at BSI Engineering has the knowledge, skills, and experience to effectively and creatively solve any issues regarding the physical supporting and connecting structures of the manufacturing company.

Structural Engineering

Structural engineering consulting services from BSI Engineering means having a skilled and educated team to assess the stability, strength, and rigidity of the physical structures of your company. The BSI structural engineering team will analyze the buildings and other structures and work with other members of the design team to ensure all structures are secure and up to code.

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You will find that any of your civil and structural needs surrounding any process engineering and design project are readily addressed within BSI. Our CS group has a broad range and significant years of experience across all process industries. Capabilities and project experience range from building modifications and upgrades, to new buildings and new plant equipment support systems, to complex structures within an existing manufacturing operating environment. Contact BSI Engineering today to get started.