Aircraft turbine


Designing new turbine engines takes decades and not years, and BSI Engineering recognizes the strategic importance of component development testing in order to confirm and optimize designs.

Turbine Engine Development

Gas turbine engines are used in marine and aviation propulsion, and they also have applications in industrial power generation. The industry is very competitive, and companies must always make sure they are at the forefront of an ever-changing landscape. BSI has extensive experience in the design, construction, and operation of the unique facilities required to develop components on the cutting edge of today’s technology.

BSI Understands Your Challenges

Whether you need an upgrade to an existing facility or plan to build a completely new facility for a new component or engine, we’re there to understand the challenges and help you get ahead of competitors. BSI’s deep experience and diverse team allow us to deliver a solution to any size problem.

BSI has designed facilities to test components up to 120 lb/s of 1500°F at 1000 psia air. These facilities included air heaters (natural gas, jet fuel, electric), exotic alloy piping, air compressors, exhaust stacks, water and fuel pumps, etc. BSI has experience in both the mechanical design of the facility as well as the high-speed data analysis that is required on the back end during operation.

Trust BSI Engineering

BSI Engineering has extensive expertise working in the aviation industry. We are constantly innovating in order to offer our clients the best and most efficient solutions for your testing facilities and manufacturing complexes. If you’re looking to increase efficiency while looking to the long haul of turbine development, contact BSI Engineering today. We can help you create your new facility or upgrade and expand your existing one.