BSI Engineering Provides Unmatched Customer Service

In memory of a friend whose vision we all embraced, BSI Engineering was established in March of 2007 to provide unmatched customer service while providing full service consulting and design engineering to industrial manufacturers. When the company was formed, the founding members individually brought more than 25 years of average experience in manufacturing and consulting fueled by the same driving force and united by a common vision.

Founded in Memory of a Friend

This common vision was inspired by a close friend and business colleague that we lost, Bryan Speicher.  Bryan’s untimely passing of pancreatic cancer in 2003, combined with the admiration and appreciation of us who has the ultimate privilege of knowing and working with him, was the inspiration for us conceiving the idea of BSI Engineering.  We decided the best way to pay tribute was to name our company after him “Bryan Speicher Inspired”, so that’s just what we did.

BSI Flourishes from Excellent Leadership

Phil Beirne served proudly as the visionary and president of BSI for 15 successful years, conceptualizing the company from the ground up in 2007 until his well-deserved retirement in 2022.  His overwhelming passion for BSI and our charitable initiatives have brought a tear to his eye on more than a few occasions, and tend to be contagious.  During Phil’s leadership we donated over a million dollars to pancreatic cancer research in Bryan Speicher’s name.  His influence on the company and it’s success was so great that, with the Speicher family blessing, the company unanimously decided to update what BSI stands for to “Beirne & Speicher Inspired”.

BSI Grows Because of How It Treats Employees & Clients

BSI will always hold tight the values of these 2 incredible men whose vision, work ethic, and legacy live on here at BSI Engineering within our management and leadership, who are dedicated to creating an employee team that serves the clients and rewards them accordingly. By sharing the ownership, financial rewards, and responsibility together as a team BSI Engineering has formed a strong foundation. With this foundation of trust and respect, in spite of a well-known economic downturn experienced by many of our competitors, we can fortunately say that we’ve never experienced a layoff for lack of work, have continuously added associates to our ranks, and grown in almost every quarter since our formation.