What Is a P&ID Walkdown?

Piping and Instrumentation diagrams (P&ID) are an essential part of the industrial process. Typically, this is a diagram that serves to demonstrate how the different elements of a process connect and work with each other to complete their functions.

Identifying a process through detailed piping schematics and instrumentation diagrams, as well as making it clear how the different parts of a process work, are vital to efficiency and safety. Not only does it give guidance in constructing and optimizing a process, it also allows for future maintenance and modification if either is required.

P&ID usually contains information on pipe classes and line numbers, flow directions, interconnections, bypass lines, and much more.

BSI Engineering has extensive experience in carrying out P&ID Walkdowns, and this is just one example of the more than 100 we have done for our clients.

P&ID Walkdown

Services Involved: Piping Design, Electrical, Instrumentation

Industry: Chemical

Location: Illinois

In the years we’ve been operating, BSI Engineering has become the preferred engineering firm when it comes to providing record process and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs). Being able to produce an accurate set of P&IDs is key to identifying possible problems, performing process hazard reviews and planning for future projects.

BSI Engineering recently performed a large scale P&ID walkdown, which encompassed more than a thousand detailed P&IDs for a major chemical manufacturing company in Illinois.

A BSI Engineering team visited the site, marked up the existing P&IDs based on field conditions, then created new P&IDs for any systems or areas that had not previously been documented. Our team worked closely with the client to comb their existing files for equipment and instrument data that we then verified against equipment tags on site. This data was brought to our offices and drafted to our client’s standards.

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