Automation & OT

BSI Engineering understands the demands placed on manufacturing operations today to lower costs, improve quality, deliver on time, and comply with safety standards and regulations. We also understand the challenges of integrating various technologies that result in achieving these operational objectives. Our Automation & OT team is made up of experienced people who are accustomed to working in the trenches, alongside our customers at every phase of the project. The results are Automation & OT solutions that are a balance of sophistication, robustness, cost efficiency, and usability that deliver the intended business needs.

The Importance of Automation & OT

To keep up with increasing product demand and competition, digital and automated components are becoming more necessary in the industrial manufacturing sectors. The integration of these technologies can create problems and issues if not handled properly. By hiring the Automation and OT team at BSI Engineering, your company and employees will receive the knowledge and real-world experience that comes from years of implementing these technologies for clients across the country.

As technologies and automation options continue to develop, it is important that your company and facilities stay current with the latest developments to meet demand and increase efficiency. The Automation and OT team at BSI Engineering will work with you through every step of the process to ensure the technology shift occurs with optimal results.

The BSI Process

The BSI Engineering Automation and OT team is successful at “Greenfield” projects, or retrofit, as well as legacy replacement projects. We typically start with a standard methodology and then modify the approach according to the customer/project needs. We are experienced at executing multi-platform, multi-site projects as well as at implementing much smaller solutions. The BSI team will work with employees and supervisors throughout the entire process to make sure the modern technologies and processes are understood to maximize productivity and efficiency. Our people are the key difference, and we look forward to discussing your Automation and OT project needs.

Automation Operational Technology (OT):

• Asset Management
• Batching
• Data Historians
• Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)
• Intelligent Devices
• Networks and Radio Communications
• Procurement
• Cyber Security
• Support Services
• Systems Integration
• Validation
• Virtualization

Business Process Automation:

• Application Development
• Business / MES Systems Integration
• Custom Reporting
• Document Management
• Information Technology
• Inventory Control
• Label Generation
• Maintenance Management (CMMS)
• Material / Labor / Lot Tracking
• Virtualization
• Quality Control
• Statistical Analysis

Contact BSI Engineering Today

BSI Engineering is an outstanding consulting engineering group based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our teams have years of experiencing handling projects for clients in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, renewable fuels, and consumer products industries. For more information on our Automation and OT services or any of the other services we have available for our clients, contact the Cincinnati BSI office at 513-201-3100. We look forward to working with you and your company.