Careers at BSI Engineering

Welcome to BSI Engineering, where you’ll have the opportunity to be part of a vibrant enterprise that is helping to design our renewable energy solutions for the future. Not only will you be a part of our future, but you will also be providing your personal expertise for projects in the Specialty Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Renewable Fuel, Food and Beverage, and Consumer Products industries.

Our engineers and designers have more than 25 years average experience working with companies looking for innovative engineering. If you think you have some expertise you can add to our talent pool, consider BSI for your next career move.

Shared Knowledge and Experience

If you choose a career at BSI Engineering, you’ll be a part of an ever-growing and evolving team of experts. Working with BSI means you’ll be working with a group of knowledgeable and dedicated professionals, with a wealth of experience in their specific fields.

BSI Engineering believes that by developing and using the skills in your field, we allow you to nurture a true passion for engineering beyond just the practicalities. This passion runs throughout our whole team, and we want to share it with you.

BSI Employment Benefits

BSI Engineering rewards employees with a variety of benefits, to make sure the members of our team are comfortable and confident enough to reach their goals. This includes medical and dental coverage, as well as stock purchasing and profit sharing programs, a 401k with employer matching, vacation and paid holidays, bonus programs and more. Take a look at the Employment Philosophy page for more information about what we offer.

Do You Belong at BSI?

BSI Engineering is always looking for new members of our team. We want you to grow and help our organization reach new heights. Are you interested in working with passionate, empowered, and committed teammates? Do you want to work for an employer who wants to see you succeed, not just the company? BSI believes that if you serve the client and satisfy the employee, the rest will take care of itself.

Take a look at our current career opportunities. We frequently have a variety of openings available, ranging from practical, managerial, administrative, and more. To learn more about BSI, read through our previous key projects, and how we’ve served different industries in the past. If you’re interested in a rewarding career in industrial manufacturing and design engineering, contact BSI Engineering today.

To directly apply please visit our Current Needs/Openings