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BSI Engineering is a full-service provider of engineering and design services for a very broad range of industry sectors.

The majority of our 200+ employees have over twenty years of technical experience and are ready to add their expertise to your project from any of our midwestern office locations.  We deliver exceptional value for our clients wanting a fully integrated, engineering-led EPCM model.

Even more than our technical capability,

our service mentality is unmatched. We will respond promptly and professionally to our clients requests. In our over 10 years of inspired service, we have truly come to understand that our clients entrust to us something of the utmost importance to them.

We appreciate every client that we have and every opportunity that they present to us; we know that each client will feel that appreciation in every one of our projects.

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What We Do

Specialty Chemicals
Renewable Chemicals
Food & Beverage
Consumer Products

BSI Engineering

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, BSI Engineering serves industrial manufacturing clients in the chemical, pharmaceutical, renewable fuel, food and beverage, and consumer products industries.

All of our employees have been hired based on their ability to provide exceptional customer service and with their extensive knowledge and expertise, we are trained to provide you the highest level of technical service in the industry. 

Some examples of our work can be seen in our key projects, giving an overview of the skill and professionalism that goes into every job we perform.

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What We Believe

At BSI Engineering, our mantra is: “Serve the client, satisfy the employee, and the rest will take care of itself.”

We believe that through nurturing the existing talents of our engineers, our clients benefit from enhanced abilities, a deeper knowledge, and 100% professional commitment. We want to cement a lasting legacy for BSI Engineering as one of the most reliable and versatile multi-industry companies in modern engineering.

We also believe in showing our appreciation for our clients because we know BSI Engineering would not be where it is today without them.

We strive to combine care for both our clients and our engineers, along with additional strategic alliances secured with others who share a similar vision. This allows us to provide full service consulting and design, design-build, and EPCM services catered to meet any reasonable budget or schedule.

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BSI Engineering has the ability to serve clients in a wide variety of industries. Specialty chemicals, renewable chemicals, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and consumer products are all areas in which we have extensive experience. We use this experience to design for the future, by building on the past.

Whether you are looking to implement a new cutting-edge technology, or revamp an existing facility, chances are we have a BSI employee already familiar with your industry or process who can help.

Take a look at our service offerings and key projects, or contact BSI Engineering today.

PHONE:  513-201-3100

ADDRESS:  300 E-Business Way, Suite 300 • Cincinnati, OH 45241

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