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BSI Gives Back

The BSI Engineering team values our relationship with the community. As such, we lend a helping hand by giving a portion of our profits to charitable organizations in order to build a stronger sense of community. We’re honored to help make a significant change in the lives of those who need it most.

How Can You Help?

BSI Engineering has a long history of giving to charities, both monetarily and with volunteers.

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Pancreatic Research Foundation

BSI began its partnership with GIVEHOPE back in 2010, and we celebrated a decade of funding pilot research projects at the University of Cincinnati in 2021. To date, we have helped raise more than $1 million to UC’s research. GIVEHOPE serves as an awareness organization for pancreatic cancer in southwest Ohio.

Why do we donate to GIVEHOPE? It’s in our name.

BSI stands for Bryan Speicher Inspired. Bryan died of pancreatic cancer in 2003. To memorialize what his life meant to us, we named our company BSI Engineering in 2007.

Bryan’s daughter, Kelly Aronson, is a civil engineer at our firm. Our CFO, Dan Prickel, whose father, aunt, and a best friend from high school passed away from pancreatic cancer, called Bryan the best CEO he ever met in his 45 years working in business.

Dr. Syed Ahmad heads the team of doctors researching a cure for this disease at UC. “What GIVEHOPE and BSI have accomplished is truly unique. For cancer treatment especially, funding for pilot research is essential to launch new, innovative ideas and support junior faculty investigators. Their partnership has launched careers and areas of study at UC – virtually building our pancreatic cancer research operation from the ground up. It’s an incredible partnership that we have with GIVEHOPE and BSI, and we’re extremely grateful for their vision. It will continue to impact science and patients for years to come.”

— Dr. Syed Ahmad, MD, director of UC’s Pancreatic Disease Center and co-director of the UC Cancer Center.

Nick Long, project manager at BSI, helps our internal efforts with GIVEHOPE. He says, “We’ve all been touched by cancer in some way, so dedicating our collective giving to this partnership has been really meaningful to our BSI family. Our partnership with GIVEHOPE and the UC Cancer Center is entirely focused on advancing science and making a difference for patients and families—it’s about changing what’s possible in the fight against this disease.”

Everyone you talk to will tell you that Bryan was a joy to be around. Our profit-sharing model was started by Bryan. And both companies he started won Small Business of the Year awards in Cincinnati. We’re proud to honor Bryan’s legacy by donating a portion of our profits to GIVEHOPE every year.

Habitat for Humanity

This fantastic organization helps build homes for those in need as well as repairing and preserving housing for individuals and families. Habitat for Humanity keeps families secure by keeping a roof over their heads.

American Lung Association

This organization wants to help Americans to breathe easier through several initiatives such as awareness, research, and education campaigns about lung cancer, asthma, air pollution, and more.

Special Olympics Kentucky

Everyone is a winner with this organization. Special Olympics Kentucky empowers children and adults with intellectual disabilities by providing opportunities for these individuals to develop, grow, and challenge themselves through athletic competition and sports training.

How Can You Help?

These are just a few of the organizations we donate to every year. For more information,
reach out to us or call 513-201-3100.