Facility &
Space Renovations

We upgraded a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility to house a new reactor, including renovating all utilities and fire alarm systems.

Facility & Manufacturing Space Renovations

Project provided engineering assistance for a utility plant at an engine manufacturing facility. Listed below are the responsibilities BSI Engineering performed:

Warehouse blueprints

Pharmaceutical Plant Upgrades

BSI has had a strong relationship with a pharmaceutical manufacturer with multiple clients housed across numerous buildings. With this relationship, BSI often sends team members to work on-site daily for extended periods of time to help manage construction, assess building uses, and plan for future renovations and production moves. The relationships formed have created a “trusted advisor” role for BSI. As such, BSI provides a commitment to finding the most appropriate solutions that will not negatively affect the owner’s time or budget constraints.

  • One such project involved the renovation of a manufacturing space to house a new reactor. Modifications to the HVAC, fire suppression, and steam systems were necessary for operation of the space
  • Renovation of existing facility to accommodate a ten-room CAT 3 suite. Project requirements included new air handling systems, chilled water systems and pressurization controls. The existing fire suppression and steam systems were also modified.

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