Aviation Project 2

Discover our second aviation project, a new test combustor cell using natural gas and electric heaters in the combustion air lines.

Aviation Projects

BSI Engineering’s aviation projects include creating two combustor test cells for gas turbine engines. This one is rated to 120 lb/s of 1500°F at 1000 psia.

Colorful project rendering

Combustor Test Cell 2

  • Design of new facility to test gas turbine combustors (single cup, sector, and full annular rigs)
  • 120 lb/s of 1500°F at 1000 psia combustion air
  • Spool and isometric drawings for combustion air pipe
  • Pipe support details
  • Support steel design
  • Both natural gas heaters and electric heaters in the combustion air lines
  • Booster compressors

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