Laser Scanning at BSI Engineering

When you contract a design-build project with any construction firm, whether they are a joint engineering and construction firm like BSI Engineering or just a construction contractor, you need to have a firm grasp of the work you want done. Our laser scanning process allows us to accurately map your facilities. With a three-dimensional rendering of the areas you wish to remodel or add onto, you will get a clearer sense of what your contractor can do for you. Below, we will discuss how laser scanning works and why it can be so crucial for your projects.

Why Do You Need Laser Scanning?

The laser scanning, process always gives you an accurate understanding of the space where your project will take place. A precise three-dimensional model will give us the foundation upon which we will design your addition or remodel. Sometimes old renderings do not accurately represent the physical space our mechanical engineering and construction teams will be dealing with. Scanning ensures that we have up-to-date and precise information. This information allows our design team to plan for trouble areas ahead of time. We can anticipate any extra work, extra materials, and extra costs at the beginning of the project. This saves time, money, and hassle for all parties involved.

How Does the Process Work?

Laser scanning calculates the time it takes for the laser’s pulse to reflect off a given object and return to the scanner. This time allows for the calculation of the distance from the scanner. When the BSI Engineering team scans the entire project space, we get accurate readings of the spacial environment. It does, however, take multiple scans from multiple perspectives to get an accurate reading. Our software splices the different scans together to balance and account for any discrepancies. Once we finish this process, we take this raw data back to our office. Once we have cleaned up the point clouds and smoothed over any inconsistencies, we can use this data to accurately render the project space in a three-dimensional file. This point cloud works as a fantastic guide for our design team as they work out how to efficiently fulfill the needs of your project.

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Enlisting BSI Engineering gives you an experienced design-build team at your disposal. We work closely with you to translate your wish into a reality. Your project will take shape in a way that benefits you most. We use laser scanning to make our design process precise. Contact BSI Engineering today to get the best team on your project.