Process Engineering at BSI Engineering

Process engineering solves real-world problems by looking at existing or new processes through a creative lens. At BSI Engineering, we employ more than 20 chemical engineers. The Process Engineering and Design department is the largest department within the company. Our chemical engineers have reputations in the industry that have attracted clients from multiple industries across the country. Our process engineering group helps you succeed in conceptual design, feasibility studies and estimating, detail design, startup, and commissioning.

What Is Process Engineering?

At BSI Engineering, our engineers have more than 25 years average experience serving companies who need their process streamlined or remodeled. Our process engineers design innovative and creative solutions to your company’s issues. We can help identify and resolve a bottleneck in your process as well as any need to design a new facility. A process engineer takes into consideration the transformation of your raw materials into finished products and uses this information to design the most efficient and effective process for performing this transformation. We refine your manufacturing process for efficiency, government regulations, and cost benefits. 

More than just offering efficiency, we can help you locate any problems in the manufacturing chain. If your production consistency doesn’t meet your standards, our process engineering team can identify your problems and restructure your process. Depending on your needs, we can maximize the efficiency and benefits of your current system or design a new system for you.

Can BSI Engineering Help You?

BSI Engineering specializes in streamlining and advancing processes for business in the chemical, pharmaceutical, renewable fuel, food & beverage, and consumer product industries. If your product undergoes chemical transformation in anyway and you want that transformation perfected, we are the right choice for the job. We can design new processes or discover weaknesses in your old processes. If a feasibility study is required on different product manufacturing ideas, we can do that too.

Contact BSI Engineering Today

The benefits of using a professional process engineering firm cannot be overstated. Hiring an outside firm gives you a unique, critical perspective. Contact BSI Engineering today to fix any problems, to streamline your process, or to add any new manufacturing lines to your business. We will design, create, and implement the exact processes you need.