Osage Bio Energy

BSI Engineering has completed a variety of projects for the renewable fuels industry. One such effort was for Osage Bio Energy in Hopewell, Virginia. Through our services, we were able to complete their project on time with ethanol being the final product. BSI Engineering goes to great lengths to ensure that each of our projects is finished efficiently and with extreme effectiveness.

Services Rendered

During this project, BSI Engineering served as the Owner’s Engineer. The scope of our services for this project included project management, construction management, instrumentation & controls, and electrical. We offer a wide variety of services and will customize our approach to meet the needs of our unique clients. For Osage Bio Energy, these services were deemed necessary to complete the project without delay.

The Process

During the project, BSI Engineering monitored and advised all engineering, design, and construction plans and performance. As the Owner’s Engineer, we would stay in close contact with the owner, advising them on situations to be concerned about and how to best address them. These observations would lead to the inclusion of our instrumentation and control system coordination services. We would also utilize sub-consultant employees to perform some of the loop checks.


This project was designed and constructed in 18 months, per the owner’s original schedule. This was despite the need to remove the initial primary construction manager from the project, and bringing in a replacement. BSI Engineering values the time needs of our clients, which is why we focus on overcoming any obstacles that would normally delay completion.

Another issue was the fact that the production rate was unproven prior to beginning the project. When the construction process was about 75% complete, it was determined that the owner would not have an adequate supply of barley feedstock to keep the plant producing. BSI was able to quickly modify the plans to accept corn as a feedstock alternate. Again, this was all without delaying the completion of the project.

Trust BSI Engineering

Osage Bio Energy was the first plant in the United Stated to use barley as the feedstock to produce ethanol. The project represented $170 million in capital cost. BSI Engineering was able to complete this project on time and with everything the client needed. Our dedication to our clients is unparalleled. When you put your project in the hands of BSI Engineering, you can trust that we will get the project done right. Contact us today or view our website for more information.