Manufacturing Facility Master Planning

This series of projects utilized a number of different services offered by BSI Engineering. Focusing on architecture and structural engineering, process and electrical engineering, cost estimating, and project management, the BSI teams were able to design, plan, and execute a series of projects for the specialty chemicals manufacturing client.

Manufacturing Facility Master Planning

Services Involved: Architecture, Structural, Process Engineering, Electrical, Cost Estimating, Project Management

Industry: Specialty Chemicals

Location: Illinois

For this client, BSI Engineering evaluated multiple potential projects that would resolve issues with various steps in the manufacturing process. The existing facility had several manufacturing capacity restraints and expansion limitations. Through the different consulting engineering services made available to the client, the BSI team was able to create plans to solve the capacity and expansion issues. Other projects for this client required our team to solve issues with proper chemical segregation and chemical storage. Forklift traffic patterns to increase efficiency during manufacturing were also analyzed and optimized.

As these projects were for a client in the specialty chemicals industry, the BSI Engineering team tailored the project plans to handle the required specific guidelines and regulations. The projects included glyphosate operation, esterification, amine operation, packaging and granular production, among others. With the years of knowledge and experience handling projects for clients in the chemical industrial manufacturing industries, the BSI Engineering team was able to execute the projects for this client efficiently and effectively while working within the necessary chemical processing and manufacturing guidelines.

In order to provide the most comprehensive project services for the client, the BSI Engineering team performed extensive evaluations of the potential projects. The evaluations took into account existing utility requirements, new segregation requirements, production disruptions, maintenance access, and project constructability as identified by the client. These studies were used to determine each project’s feasibility and order of magnitude cost estimates.

Specialty Chemical Project Planning with BSI Engineering

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