Flavor Company – Odor Control

BSI Engineering takes on a variety of challenges and projects. A particular project in Kentucky had us solving an odor control issue for a flavor company. Nearby neighborhoods had issued complaints to the local EPA regarding odors being emitted from the plant. Thus, our client needed a swift solution. With our expert services, we were able to efficiently solve this problem for our client. The food & beverage industry often has complicated issues that need effective solutions, and that’s where BSI Engineering comes in. We implement solutions that perfectly meet the needs of the client. We do this with efficiency and effectiveness.

Services Rendered

For this project, our client required our project management, construction management, cost engineering, process engineering & design, mechanical, structural, instrumentation & controls, and electrical services. After understanding our clients’ needs, these services were determined to be essential towards getting them the ideal result. We always make sure to customize our approach to meet the needs of our clients. We truly listen to determine the best course of action for each unique project.

The Process

BSI Engineering was given a flow model study and a BHE report regarding dust collection requirements. We were tasked with creating a multi-discipline detailed engineering package for installation of 6 roto clones, 7 strobic air fans, and an enclosed bio-filter to remedy the situation. The roto clones were installed for the dust collection issues. The strobic air fans were installed to handle the odor issues. The bio-filter was installed to handle the H2S that is formed during the reaction process. BSI Engineering completed the full design in 3D. The first bid package issued for approximately $600,000; the three received bids all came in within 2% of the cost estimate. 

Let BSI Engineering Help with Your Project

This project was completed in October 2012 and commencement started following air permit approval. We were able to complete the project in line with the client’s time and budget constraints. BSI Engineering is always dedicated to prioritizing the needs of the client and the effectiveness of our solutions. You can count on the experience of BSI Engineering to find a solution for your food & beverage industry project. We also offer our services to the pharmaceutical, consumer product, renewable fuel, and specialty chemical industries. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you with your next project. View our website for even more information.