BSI Engineering Remodeled A Midwest Manufacturer of Aircraft Components

Recently, BSI Engineering and a partner worked together on an installation project for a Midwest manufacturer of aircraft components. This was a design-build project that used many BSI Engineering services. We needed to rely on our electrical engineering, instrument engineering, project management, and procurement services team as well as our alliance partners to execute this large project in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Teamwork Makes Our Projects Come to Fruition

At BSI Engineering, we do so much more than just design a way to execute your projects. Sure, our team of electrical and mechanical engineers will perform the proper analysis of your plant or manufacturing line to determine how to best incorporate the additions you need, but whereas most firms leave it at that, we continue beyond the design process to procure the equipment you need. In this case, a Midwest aircraft component manufacturer needed to add a large manufacturing furnace to their existing facility. Our team assessed the situation, found the best way to incorporate the new furnace, and provided procurement and installation services for the client. Not many other engineering firms can fulfill all aspects of a project of this magnitude. This is because BSI Engineering has so many teams with unique skill sets to call upon and we form long-term partnerships to supplement any other areas needed for our projects.

Overcoming Difficulties

This project presented unique difficulties that will arise from time to time. The BSI Engineering team had to overcome a project suspension that caused a delay in the delivery of the furnace and its auxiliary equipment. Despite these setbacks, we managed to professionally and seamlessly work through the suspension until the project restarted. After these slight setbacks, we delivered this turn-key project on time and under budget. We consider this a clear example of our BSI Engineering’s team capacity to work transparently with alliance engineering partners. This allows us to deliver larger capital investment projects with a compressed project execution schedule in order to meet our client’s business goals.

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