Trusting BSI Engineering

BSI Engineering offers over twenty-five years worth of experience in engineering design and consulting. Our team has undertaken a wide variety of different projects across many industrial disciplines, from practical and mechanical, to project management and team leading.

Because the employees at BSI Engineering are all experts in their respective fields, you can trust BSI Engineering to handle some of the more sensitive, potentially hazardous undertakings with the confidence that we will get it right. Not only is BSI skilled in the planning and execution of projects, we are also well versed in the safety considerations when working with chemical and electrical equipment in more complex facilities.

The following example of a project undertaken by BSI Engineering at a Sulfation Plant in Illinois is an example of the kind of work we are capable of in this field.

Sulfation Plant – Chemical Additive Skid

Services Involved: Electrical, Instrumentation, Process Engineering, Piping Design, Structural

Industry: Chemical

Location: Illinois

This particular plan in Illinois is a major producer of surfactant used in many personal care products. As a result, plant down time has a premium cost.

Our client utilized an existing additive system in which multiple pumps were operated by a single drive. This setup led to a single point of failure situation, which BSI Engineering was called in to address.

The decision was made to replace the existing system with an innovative skid mounted pumping system using a separate pump for each chemical being added. BSI Engineering designed the skid piping and integrated electrical and instrumentation in a common panel which was mounted on the skid. BSI also accounted for the narrow access door to the area and designed the skid to sit over the existing concrete pump pad, which significantly saved on demolition, installation, and placement costs.

The installation of the skid was performed with no unforeseen difficulties, and the client no longer has to worry about a single mechanical failure disabling his production system.

Inventive and Effective Design Engineering

If you need the services of an experienced company that can improve, optimize, or even totally reinvent your industrial processes, you need BSI for your design engineering. We can bring our experience and enthusiasm to your projects and your processes, and make sure that you exceed your goals through detailed, professional planning and engineering. Take a look at some of our other key projects to find out more about the services we offer.