From Planning to Practical Application

At BSI Engineering, our team members have experience in a far-reaching variety of different industries, and in applying their experience to different projects. Because of the range and scope of this experience, BSI Engineering is able to undertake lengthy and in-depth projects, such as the full RT lab conversion outlined below.

Setting up a laboratory facility comes with a long list of considerations. Anyone who has even done some DIY knows how complicated even the basics can become. Add to that the extra responsibilities that are involved in constructing a lab – procuring specific, specialized equipment, installing that equipment, proper supply of power, hygiene and sterilization capabilities, and much more.

The project on this page is an example of a truly multi-layered, complex and intensely detailed project successfully carried out by BSI Engineering.

RT Lab Conversion

Services Involved: Design, Procurement, Construction, Equipment Installation and Startup

Industry: Lab Facility

Location: Ohio

This project was given to BSI Engineering to convert an existing warehouse into a fully functional laboratory.  The BSI team had to identify and supply all new utilities including electrical feed, hot and chilled water, compressed air, nitrogen, steam, and condensate, among many more. The BSI engineers and designers also had to design appropriate space for a conference room, numerous cubicle offices, and also the lab countertops and safe, secure long-term storage.

The customer provided lab equipment which was effectively integrated into the design.  Structurally, a new support system was developed for the floor as well as roof platforms for the new air units. Once the project was complete, the total installed cost was $1.2 million; and the project was completed on time and at budget.

BSI Engineering Expertise

At BSI, we have experienced employees ready to tackle any part of any design or industrial process. Our team is comprised of the best of the best in their field, but we are always encouraging our employees to improve – whether it is through their own work, teamwork, or even taking part in mentoring and training courses.

Because of their experience, and our philosophy of always striving to know more, and to be better, BSI is available to provide versatile, streamlined and professional support at every stage of a complex, multifaceted process. The example above, where you can see how our team tackles a project from beginning to end, is just one of many that BSI has successfully undertaken.

If you need guidance, through design engineering or project management, contact BSI Engineering today. You can find out more about our work in our other key projects.