Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer

As professionals in the specialty chemical industry, we can take on a wide variety of tasks and projects. One such project we’ve taken on in the past was replacing a regenerative thermal oxidizer system. Projects such of these take extensive knowledge and professional service. BSI Engineering was able to help this client through every phase of the project.

Services Rendered

For this project, we not only provided full-service process piping design, we also were the owner’s representative through every aspect of the project. They were able to take full advantage of our owner’s engineer service. When you hire an owner’s engineer, you want someone who is careful, efficient, and effective. Our owner’s engineers can bring you a critical set of eyes when you need them most. BSI Engineering can provide you with this service and more. We truly listen to our clients’ needs and wants for the project, and work with you to ensure everything is in line with your plans. 

The Process

This project required BSI Engineering to advise and implement from conception, design, procurement, construction, and startup. The $4 million installation in Wisconsin needed to be designed to integrate into an existing facility. This required careful sequencing to replace the existing boiler system/regenerative thermal oxidizer. BSI Engineering was able to find the best solution for their issues and implement that solution effectively. When your process requires a regenerative thermal oxidizer, you can’t afford for there to be complications with implementing the new system. Complicated processes like these should always be handled by a firm with experience. BSI Engineering brings this expertise and experience to the table, as well as the propensity for excellent customer service. That’s why our clients are always happy to recommend us and use our services again. We deliver results. 

A total of 8 new process vessels were installed with high shear mixers and agitators. Mills provided by the customer were integrated into the process design. Structurally, a new mat foundation was designed along with a multi-level access platform and hoist system.

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BSI Engineering was able to complete the client’s project within their time and budget parameters. BSI Engineering is dedicated to making sure our clients are able to complete their project without delay. We know how important time is, and our expertise allows us to meet your needs on your schedule. If you have a project for the specialty chemical industry, BSI Engineering is the firm for you. We also serve the pharmaceutical, food & beverage, consumer product, and renewable fuels industries. Contact us today for more information on our services and to see how we can help you with your next project. We look forward to working with you.