Norfolk Steam Decentralization

Naval Station Norfolk is the world’s largest naval station. This United States Navy base is located in Norfolk, Virginia, and is the base for 75 ships and 134 aircraft, utilizing 14 piers and 11 aircraft hangars. Naval Station Norfolk supports naval forces in the US Fleet Forces Command, which consists of ships and aircraft operating in the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, and the Indian Ocean.

Development of the base began during World War I but did not become a center for US naval operations until World War II. During WWII, the government purchased more land and expanded the capacity of the base, allowing it to become a vital element in the efforts to end the war. After the Cold War, the naval base merged with the nearby naval air station to form Naval Station Norfolk in 1999.

Naval Station Norfolk Steam Decentralization

Services Involved: Building Mechanical, Piping, Estimating

Industry: Government

Location: Norfolk, Virginia

With utility systems dating back to the Second World War, Naval Station Norfolk was facing the huge task of replacing an extremely inefficient steam distribution system quickly, before any critical failures jeopardized national security. BSI Engineering was contracted to survey several million square feet of office, classroom, laboratory, and utility buildings to develop a plan to replace existing systems with state of the art energy efficient alternatives.

With the education and real-world experience in building mechanics, piping, and more, the BSI team worked very closely with the installation contractor to execute a design-build project to reduce both schedule and cost of the project. Through continuous hard work and communication, the design was completed in 2008. With completed construction, the work created and executed by BSI Engineering will result in several million dollars a year in utility savings for the naval base.

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