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No matter what industry you work in, no matter what you supply or manufacture, cost factors into almost every aspect of your process – from beginning to end. Without proper financial planning, a project is doomed to fail. The cost of equipment, materials, facilities, space, and staff are all important, and mapping out how to delegate funds across your entire process can be a daunting task.

BSI Engineering has a long history with project management and process engineering, and we know how best to budget depending on the needs and goals of a particular plan. Drawing on over twenty five years of collective experience, the team at BSI Engineering can budget and estimate costs for industrial projects, from the broader financial implications down to the smallest details.

This bulk bagging equipment installation project is an example of BSI Engineering’s ability to put together a detailed, professional cost estimate for important processes.

Bulk Bagging Equipment Installation Cost Estimate

Services Involved: Project Management, Process Engineering, Process Design, Structural Engineering and Design

Industry: Specialty Chemicals

Location: Ohio

The objective of this specialty chemical project was to improve bulk bagging of the client’s flaked product to eliminate dust, address ergonomic issues, and improve process and equipment operability and reliability. BSI Engineering was approached by the client to provide a technical resource for developing a project scope and a cost estimate for appropriations funding.

A feasibility study was performed to confirm that the existing structure was adequate for the vendor bagging equipment and to provide recommendations for any modifications. An equipment model was then developed to offer a three-dimensional perspective of the installation confirming the ergonomic issues were met as well as confirming fit.

The cost estimate utilized material takeoffs from both the structural and process design development – taking into account findings from the feasibility study and the equipment model – to provide an appropriations grade estimate. This then allowed potential costs to be assessed and allowed the client to begin their project with a strong foundational understanding of their available funds.

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This example shows that, not only is BSI Engineering capable of planning and designing the physical and practical aspects of a project, but also plan exactly what funds will be needed to put these plans into action. If you are looking for an experienced project management, consultancy, or design engineering firm, contact BSI Engineering, or read about our other key projects.