Ownership Opportunities

BSI Engineering believes that the success and growth of our company is the direct result of the people it employs. For that reason, we are strongly committed to sharing the financial rewards which the employees help to achieve. When you’re employed with BSI Engineering, we want you to really be a part of the company. We believe happiness in the workplace and a sense of belonging is essential to improvement, for both the individual and the company. These are just some of the many reasons we offer fantastic ownership opportunities for our employees.

The Stock Ownership Program

One program designed to share the rewards of success is the Stock Ownership Program. Employees of BSI Engineering have the opportunity to purchase stock twice per year. Currently, over 90% of eligible employees own stock in BSI. We are truly an employee-owned company. This falls completely in line with our mantra, “Serve the client, satisfy the employee… and the rest will take care of itself.” We truly strive to embody this mantra with everything we do for our employees, and that’s why offering ownership opportunities are so important to us. Our stock ownership program is designed to show our employees how much we value what they bring to the company. We know our team has some of the best experts in their industries, and we reward this experience in the best way we can.

Growth and Success

As we’ve mentioned before, we believe enabling the growth and success of our employees is the same as enabling the growth and success of our company. With this philosophy, BSI Engineering has become a leader in the consulting and engineering industry, and we want to continue to improve with the help of our fantastic employees. We empower our employees to improve their skills and better themselves. With this empowerment comes success. We witness our dedication to our employees inspiring dedication to their company.

Learn More About BSI Engineering Employment Opportunities

BSI Engineering is always interested in adding valuable members to our company. We wouldn’t be what we are today without our talented and driven team. We offer ownership opportunities to our employees not just to retain them, but because we truly appreciate what they contribute to our company. To learn more about the employment opportunities and benefits at BSI Engineering, contact us today, or view the employment section of our website.