Art Off Sponsorship

“At this year’s K12 Gallery/TEJAS Art Off fundraising event we had the privilege of meeting a young man named Joshua. Josh has Asperger Syndrome and painting is what he is passionate about. Through the whole night I found myself having a conversation with him because he never left his painting, and I could tell he truly loved it.

We were lucky enough to win his painting at auction. His parents asked if we could exchange contacts so Josh could stay connected with us. Donations like the one BSI gave has given Josh and my family an opportunity to hopefully have a friendship. Because of BSI, kids like Joshua can now progress and become better at what they love.

Jerry, the founder, started this gallery in a very small space downtown when she had very little. The teaching and giving of art is her calling. Through organizations like BSI it has been able to grow and continue to offer services to the community of Dayton, OH.” –Jonathan S. Metcalf