Employees are the Heartbeat of BSI Engineering

Our core philosophy at BSI Engineering can be distilled down into one statement: “Serve the client, satisfy the employee… and the rest will take care of itself.” This mantra lies at the heart of BSI Engineering and is the foundation from which we have built our entire business model. By allowing our employees to own shares in the company, they are quite literally invested in the long-term success of it. This intrinsic motivation is vital to the success of our company and gives our seasoned engineers a greater sense of responsibility to mentor the younger engineers in a way that is almost analogous to parents equipping their kids with the resources, knowledge, and skills that they need to succeed in the real world.

We Create An Atmosphere For Excellence & Collaboration

The long-term vision of BSI Engineering is viewed through the lens that we, as the current ownership, are merely stewards of the company. This vision includes a belief that we live with a responsibility to train our replacements in each area of the company, with like-minded and client-focused employees. We strive to maintain an environment where the best consulting and design engineering minds in the business can come together to collaborate with peers. By continuing to cultivate and nurture relationships with clients and employees, we feel confident that BSI Engineering will continue to grow.

We Attract The Best of the Best At BSI Engineering

Each associate has been hired based upon a demonstrated ability to provide exceptional customer service to our clients. To attract ‘the best of the best’ at providing exceptional customer service, we promote employee programs within BSI that far exceed the offerings of our competitors. In addition to Profit Sharing and Performance Pay, we have an extremely open ownership philosophy – with over 90% of eligible employees owning some part of BSI. Employees will share in the rewards and the responsibility for this company’s success, until we one day pass it on to a generation that follows.

“Designing For The Future, Building On The Past”

At BSI Engineering we know that in order to stay ahead of the curve in the field of engineering consulting, it is crucial that we attract the brightest young minds to bring fresh and innovative ideas to the table. Combined with the latest design tools and a superior service mentality, our goal is to create unique customer solutions through our technologies and services. By combining the emerging ideas of the bright young minds we hire with the expertise of our seasoned engineers, together we can continue to live up to our slogan: “Designing for the future, building on the past.”